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Conan Silveira

worldwide champion in MMA.

One of the most detached professionals in Mixed Martial Arts made history with his own hands. From his experience as a fighter, worldwide champion in heavy weight category, the brazilian became one of the top 100 biggests coaches in all history by UFC Magazine.

Currenlty, Conan is cofounder and head coach of American Top Team.

The coach behind the most respected MMA academy in the world, spends a good part of the year traveling to competitions in which his athletes participate and giving lectures on the methodology he developed and is described in his first book “Master of You”.


Episode 1 - The Winner

Are you willing to pay the necessary price to live all your dreams? In the first episode of the Master of You webseries, Conan Silveira bets all his chips on the journey of his life and becomes a true living MMA legend.

Episode 2 - The Coach

What is the secret of a team that has more than 30 belts in the main MMA events in the world? In the second episode of MOY, the coach of champions shares teachings for anyone to win in everyday struggles.

Episode 3 - The Master

Conan shows that every fight leaves marks and brings the cold but necessary reality to prove that discomfort reveals the price of dreams. Watch the latest episode of MOY and discover that pain is not synonymous with suffering.

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