Awaken your team’s winning mentality

Have you ever imagined training your team with a true master? A hero who made history with his own hands is now ready to take your team to the next level of performance.

The real opponents of this fight

The speed of transformation and the difficulty of adapting in such unstable scenarios are adversities that are dictating the rules in the business world. Check out the 4 challenges that could be bringing down your team’s results.

Emotional incompetence

A good relationship is essential to generate long-term results. The team should focus on building meaningful connections with their customers.

Lack of self-motivation

It is important for teams to have a mindset of resilience and perseverance to face adversity with focus and energy.


The market is constantly evolving and continuous learning is the only way for teams to remain competitive.

Broken expectations

Customers expect more than a product or service, they expect facilitating agents that bring solutions to their problems and challenges.



The FIVE-C method

With the FIVE-C methodology, I reveal a perfect combination of ancestral knowledge of martial arts combined with modern concepts of high-performance athletes for the business world.


Reality Check

Provocation and confrontation, time to present the naked truth to stimulate change. Perfect photography of the current scene.


Conscious Awareness

Take control of who we are and awaken to our notable attributes, thus building a strong identity that is proof against any process of self-sabotage.


Called to fight

Realistic optimism begins to define the mindset and the time comes to make the decision, keeping in mind that there is only one option: victory.


Consistency and commitment

Embrace challenges, embrace fears and know that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the hyperfocus on the result.



Without metrics there is no evolution! Stop, evaluate, celebrate achievements and seek new results by renewing cycles to take on new commitments.


Conan knew how to make the transition very well between being a successful fighter and becoming a great coach, preserving the values and beliefs that he shows to everyone who starts training with him.

Minotauro MMA Champion

Conan goes far beyond what happens inside the octagon, it makes you interpret your own story and guides you to make your dreams come true.

Henrique Fogaça Chef and businessman

Only a true master can awaken the clear awareness that we are all champions even before we are born. Conan brings up examples all the time that choosing victory is our only option.

Raul Gazolla Actor and Businessman

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